A time to dance:  Thanks to all family, friends, classmates (IC, CC, Waterloo, UNI) that contributed to the success of our 40th Wedding Anniversary Party on
October 14, 2017.

Please check out these YouTube dance related video clips. They are my favorites from movies you are familiar with!

1.Footloose: A Time to Dance (1984)
2.Footloose: Final Dance (1984 to 2011)
3.Dirty Dancing: Do You Love Me & Love Man (1987)
4.Dirty Dancing: Final Dance (1987) 
5.Hairspray: Ladies Choice (2007)  
6.Hairspray: You Can't Stop the Beat (2007)
7.Grease: Born to Hand Hive (1978)

Wedding picture:


St. John's Catholic Church, Waterloo, Iowa

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